Does your business support a charity?

Many companies develop Corporate Social Responsibility policy; they link to a charity and their staff raise money for good causes.


But it’s not just about the money. There is a lot your company can do besides fundraising 

Our company partners do raise money, make financial donations and offer sponsorship, but they also host events, provide gifts in kind, such as office space for meetings, and they share their professional expertise.


We know, however, that a successful relationship is not one-sided. A corporate partnership with IHP can provide a company with:


  • Low-cost attachment to international aid without needing to get involved with politics or logistics;
  • Measurable impact: a £100 donation can help 650 people who need healthcare. Beneficiary numbers are high overall; We help an estimated 700,000 a year.
  • Something different and new: IHP is unique in the UK and Europe; it isn’t restricted to working in one country or curing one illness;


If you would like to learn more about becoming a company partner, we would be pleased to hear from you. Click here